Knee & Leg Pain Treatment in Land O' Lakes, FL

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Land O’ Lakes, FL Chiropractor, Dr. Michael Craven Relieves Knee and Leg Pain without Surgery or the Use of Drugs

Knee & Leg Pain Treatment in Land O’ Lakes, FL: Pain and restriction in the knees and legs are common for many people and has a variety of causes. Land O’ Lakes Chiropractor, Dr. Michael Craven works to keep his patients pain-free with chiropractic care.

Our Chiropractic Center Helps Patients Who Exhibit Any of the Following Conditions

  • Wear and tear pain
  • Knee or leg stiffness
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Injuries resulting from a fall
  • Poor posture
  • Sports injuries
  • Knee sprains or strains
  • Pins and needles sensation in the legs
  • Pain triggered from irritated nerves in the back or lower back
  • Joint degeneration
  • Tendonitis
  • Muscle sprains or strains in the legs

Managing Knee Pain at Craven Chiropractic Clinic

The knees endure considerable stress over a patient’s lifetime. Over time, they may be prone to the effects of wear and tear. The knee is a very complex joint that relies heavily on muscles and ligaments for stability. When a patient comes in with knee pain, Dr. Craven will examine the knee joint as well as the lower back, hips, ankles and feet as these parts of the body have direct influence on the knee. Once a thorough examination is performed, Dr. Craven will provide the right care specific to the patient’s needs.

Managing Leg Pain at Our Land O’ Lakes Chiropractic Clinic

Leg pain can result from a large number of the conditions listed above, but the main source of pain comes from sciatic nerve irritation. The sciatic nerve, which extends from the lower back to the lower leg, is both the longest and largest nerve in the body. When a disc injury or pinched nerve takes place, this can cause pain to shoot down the sciatic nerve and into the body’s lower extremities. When a patient experiences leg pain, it is best to visit Craven Chiropractic Clinic. Just like with knee pain, Dr. Craven will perform an examination of the back and leg in order to determine where this leg pain is originating from. He will then provide the patient with the appropriate care based on the results of the examination.

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