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We value our patients' experience at Craven Chiropractic Clinic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire.

We are extremely proud of our patients that have taken the time to submit a testimonial or do a video about their Chiropractic experience. Below are a number of them that allowed us to video them or elected to produce a written testimonial. Others elected to post on our Craven Chiropractic Facebook page or a similar page at Google+.
Thank you one and all. It's been my pleasure serving you for 39 years.
Dr. Craven

Achilles Tendon pain: Testimonial by our patient Dixie. For more than a year she suffered with pain in her achilles tendon and ankle. Multiple medical procedures failed to provide relief, some even aggravated her...

Dr. Craven, and his patient Dee, talks about how Deep Tissue Laser Therapy has help restore normal function to her shoulder.

Our patient, Former Pro Football player Mark Cotney, has always relied on chiropractic, both when he was playing and and afterwards to relieve pain and increase his capacity to function. Mark recently found out that adding Deep Tissue Laser Therapy to his treatment protocols greatly improved his range of motions and decreased his level of everyday pain. Listen to him tell his own story.

Donna suffered from severe sciatica. Daily activities became almost impossible to complete. As a last resort she tried chiropractic and her results were amazing.

AnnMarie had been suffering with degenerative arthritis in her knee and was almost completely unable to walk. She went for an orthopedic consult and she was told her only recourse was to have knee surgery. Fearful of that because of a previous severe reaction to anesthesia she called our offfice to inquire about Deep Tissue Laser Tharapy. One the initial application of Laser Therapy she was able to stand up much quicker and there was an incredible reduction in pain. Listen to her tell you the complete story.

Testimonial by our patient Larry Rhoads: Larry suffered a rotator cuff injury a year ago. Nothing was providing relief and surgery was being considered as an option. Unable to sleep at night he decided to try Deep Tissue Laser Therapy. Listen to his story.

This is the story of one man's battle with chronic pain that led to an addiction to pain medications. He decided he no longer wanted to live like that and made a decision to try chiropractic. We are delighted to be part of his journey to a better life. Thank you Lewis for sharing your personal story.

Skeptical about chiropractic, she became so desperate she finally listened to her friend and had her drive her to our office. Her condition had been going downhill for 2 and 1/2 years but the last 6 months she was miserable and became unable to walk or drive. Listen to her tell her own story.

Our previous patient returns for care following a severe auto accident several months ago. He explains why he drives past a dozen offices and travels a greater distance to receive his care here at Craven Chiropractic Clinic.

After nearly giving up hope of being active again, spinal stenosis sufferer able to led a normal life again. Listen to how Cold Laser and Chiropractic care changed Stan's life. He now feels 25 years younger.

Patient involved in Auto Accident talks about his experience at our office.

Amy is a college athlete. At her University they have a chiropractor on the trainer's staff to keep their athletes functioning at top efficiency . She has been our patient this summer.

Donna was injured in a fall at work. She was sent to the companies Workman's Comp. doctor. Little was done to determine what was causing her headaches and after weeks of care (pain pills) she wasn't getting any relief. Referred to us by a friend, she decided to try Chiropractic for the very first time. But first she reviewed us on line and even interviewed several of our patients in the parking lot.

Our patient Diane tells of her experience and how she was recommended to us from Social Media contacts. She put the word out she was in need of a local chiropractor and our patients flooded her with our name.

A Mom's experience with having her entire family under chiropractic care.

Hobbs tell his story. First he was in an auto accident and came to us. But when he collapsed on the weekend he was seen on a Sunday afternoon. Years later he remains a faithful patient, referring in his family and friends.

She suffered for 9 months after an auto accident. She went from doctor to doctor trying to find relief. Now with chiropractic care she is returning to most of her normal activities with little or no pain.

Chronic lower back pain? Listen to this patients experience with chiropractic.

An auto accident injury turned his life upside down. Russ tells how chiropractic care kept him working and able to participate in normal activities with his family.

Betty suffered for years with Fibromyalgia. She found relief after seeking treatment from injuries caused by an auto accident. Don't let chronic pain ruin your life, try Chiropractic!

Laser relieves neuropathy that had lasted for 3 years after extensive medical treatment. She went from barely being able to walk to now going to Jazzercise classes several days a week.

The power of Laser Therapy restored her life when nothing else could provide relief.


Craven Chiropractic Clinic, your Land O Lakes Chiropractor!

Laser Therapy Resolves Knee Pain

Chiropractic Effective For Chronic Lower Back Pain

Disabled Military Veteran, Injured In Auto Accident, Experiences Quick Results With Chiropractic Care For Disc Injury, Headaches, Neck And Arm Pain.

Emily Vanyur

We love you Dr. Craven! Our 7 month old has been coming here since she was about 2 months old (give or take a little) due to colic, gas, constipation and reflux. He has always been so gentle with her and talks about her care with us. He always asks if it's helping her, as he doesn't feel the need to continue if it's not. Yes! It is helping SO much! If we miss a week with Dr. Craven we can tell in Zoey's demeanor. As soon as she's adjusted, she's back to a happy little bug. The front office staff is always so friendly. They greet us by name, and also spoil my 2 year old. The kids are happy and so are we!

Fran D'Ascoli

Excellent doctor. I made the right decision when I had back problems to visit Dr. Craven vs. the family doctor. Thank you Dr. Craven within just a few weeks I was back to regular day to day functions. Feeling excellent. and without meds. Appreciate all you help.

Mary Carver Jueong

I absolutely love everyone at Craven chiro, they treat you like family and they care about you! For them it's not about the money its about serving others! You always feel better when you leave! I highly recommend them! they will always work you in no matter what!!!♡♡♡♡♡

Will Gibson

Wonderful Chiropractor. Always fixes me up. The office staff is super friendly. Hardly any wait time to seen. Definitely recommended.

Jaime Lupton

Dr. Craven and his staff are wonderful. Anytime my kids hear that we're going, they always need to go too! Love it!

Victoria Bauer-Gojmerac of Land O' Lakes, FL

I want to thank everyone for their prayers for my back. I have been very fortunate to find a fantastic Chiropractor here in Land O Lakes, Dr.Michael Craven, who is working miracles on my back. I had the best night sleep in months and I can tell this morning we are on the correct path. Thanks to all, especially Dr. Craven & Staff — feeling blessed.

Kasper Twillingsworth

Do yourself a favor and schedule a visit. My family and I drive 30+ minutes just because we love this office so much. Dr Craven's bedside manner reminds me of doctors that used to make house calls and the staff always makes you feel like family. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Erika Soto

Dr Craven and his staff are awesome! They are welcoming, efficient and professional. I wasn't too keen about chiropractic practices and I shared that hesitation with Dr Craven on the first appointment. He was extremely gentle and worked his magic at a pace that I felt comfortable. He isn't just a chiropractor, it's not just a business, it's a place you can hang your hat, have a cup of coffee and chat while you wait. I continue to see Dr Craven; he helps me feel better, he works wonders and he cares.

Frank Cropanese

I have been a patient of Dr. Craven since 1993 and there is no doubt that he is the # 1 chiropractor. His staff is wonderful and always respectful to patients. Dr. Cravens knowledge and professionalism are 2nd to none. When you visit the office , in time you become like part of a family.

Warren Sergent

I have used Craven Chiropractic for the past 14 years. I do a maintenance visit monthly and occasional adjustments in between as needed. The staff are professional and courteous. Dr. Craven stays current on changes and advancements in his field. I had the opportunity to have laser therapy on pain related to a hernia surgery. I had low level pain for two years after surgery, my surgeon recommended prescription medication. I prefer not to use pain pills, so I simply tolerated the pain until Dr. Craven mentioned the new laser treatment he was using. I left his office pain free after the first treatment! I followed up with another five treatments and feel very fortunate to be well again. If you have a need for chiropractic care, Craven Chiropractic is a must try, My heart felt thank you to Dr. Craven and his staff!

Melissa Butler

This is our patient Melissa and her 1 week old daughter, Aubrey. Melissa received chiropractic treatment monthly all through her pregnancy with fantastic results. Many Mom's have found chiropractic care can keep them pain free when faced with the challenges of changes in weight distribution and decreasing mobility. Congratulations Melissa and Adam. Job well done!

Jayne O.

For many years I periodically suffered with lower back pain, which never escalated to a point where I was motivated to seek treatment. That all changed three years ago when my lower back pain became a daily occurrence and impacted my ability to stand for an extended period of time, walk, as well as exercise. My Dad and brother recommended chiropractic treatment so I made an appointment with Dr. Craven. ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I EVER MADE. As a result of Dr. Craven's treatments, I am pain free and able to perform my normal activities without any lower back pain or discomfort.

Jeff S.

I have long been a patient and highly recommend CRAVEN CHIROPRACTIC. The staff is second to none and they always get me right in. Dr. Michael is the best at what he does!!!!!

Russell M.

Dr. Craven is one of my favorite chiropractors of all time. Too bad we moved away, but he is one of a kind! Thanks Doc for all the good treatment. Blessing.

Connie P.

I have known Dr. Craven for over twenty years. He is an outstanding doctor and a true friend. Dr. Craven has always been able to care for me in the best professional way possible, yet with great kindness and care. I highly recommend Craven Chiropractic for all your needs. The added bonus will be his amazing staff and the true caring atmosphere for all involved.

Betty J.

I had severe back pain after a car accident when I came upon Dr. Craven's advertisment for helping those in need. I also have FIBROMYALGIA and decided to visit Dr. Craven. He not only helped my back injuries but also my fibromyalgia. Now my pain level is lower than it has been for years! My mind is now cleared than ever before and I am actually looking to return to a professional career.

I had been going to pain management doctors for years for the fibromyalgia. I finally decided to try to reduce my pain at the source and discussed chiropractic care with my primary care physician, who agreed to try a new approach with me.

Medications, yoga, diet changes, meditation, rheumatology care, and arthritis treatment all failed. After going to Dr. Craven I now understand how alignment of my spine reduces pain in my body and promotes healing.

The care that Dr. Craven took aligning my spine matched up my hips, shoulders and neck, providing me a natural flow of energy to my body which is healing many areas that have been damaged, first from the fibromyalgia and aggravated by the auto accident.

I now have the lowest pain level in 19 years. My mind has cleared from the many medications I no longer need. I'm considering how my future is now wide open. I believe I will go back to college.

Try chiropractic for your own healing experience, especially if you suffer from difficult, chronic problems like fibromyalgia.

(Dr. Craven: It's been a blessing to see  Betty blossom into the person she has so wanted to be for all these years of suffering from chronic pain. We utilized Spinal Manipulation, Cold Laser Therapy, Electrical Muscle Stimulation and Dry Hydrotherapy Massage. In addition she had a Tens Unit for home care and was supplied Bio-Freeze for muscle pain.)

Julio H.

I had severe constant upper back and neck pain, as well as intense lower back pain for many years.

I consulted orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, and rheumatologists with only limited, brief improvement for the moment from all the various medications.

Finally, since nothing else helped, I made an appointment with Dr. Craven. My wife had researched the internet and he had outstanding reviews and rated 5 stars.

Dr. Craven listened to my problems, reviewed my xray and MRI reports and conducted his own exam. He told me there was a good chance he could help me but I had a difficult problem. Almost from day one I noticed improvement. By the end of the first week I was doing remarkably better.

Now I can walk comfortably and have excellent relief from my previously chronic pain. We were even joking that I could take my wife dancing soon.

My advice, come see Dr. Craven, he is wonderful!

Julie N.

In 1983 I was 13 years old. The Middle School nurse was checking us girls for scoliosis and sent a note home to my mother. My mom took me to an orthopedic doctor who gave me two options. One, a back brace from the neck to the waist for 23 hours a day (not an option for a 13 year old Middle Schooler, imagine how I would of been picked on) and two, surgery to put a rod in my back.

This doctor was not offering me anything to keep my back from getting worse. My curve was at 25 degrees but when I returned in two months its was up to 27 degrees.

Dr. Craven's office was local for us and my mom stopped in and showed Dr. Craven my xrays. He gave me exercises to do and after a period of treatment my scoliosis curve was down to 18 degrees.

I had no treatment with the orthopedic surgeon due to the options he gave me.

My life is just as normal as can be now at age 40. I just get adjustments as needed about every 2 months or so. I can only imagine how my life would of been if my mother had not found Dr. Craven.

My advice to others is to be open minded and do your research before ever opting for surgery. My mother, brother, and neice have all been treated by Dr. Craven and now I have a daughter who is 6 months old and when she is of age I will be taking her to Dr. Craven to be checked out.

Linda S.

I was in a severe auto accident in 2000. As a result of that I ended up have a surgical fusion of my 4th and 5th vertebrae in the low back. Initially that helped but the pain returned and the surgeon told me there was nothing else he could do for me. I have had severe low back pain that went into my right leg for the past 2 years. Nothing seemed to help and I was dependent on strong narcotic drugs. Then my doctor told me they were destroying my kidneys and I had to stop them or I would die. My medical doctor referred me to Dr. Craven.

When I first went in I had to use a walker due to the intense pain when I stood up, even with the drugs. Within 4 weeks I was walking with the need of a walker. The pain has decreased by about 30% without the need for medication.

My advice to you is to seek out a chiropractor and stick with it as I did and you will feel the results. Last weekend I was able to take my 2 year old granddaughter to the beach. That was such a blessing.

Kathie F.

I had neck and back problems ever since the early 80"s when I lived in Massachusetts. I have seen many chiropractors since then but I feel Dr. Craven has helped me so much more than my previous doctors. He is friendly, quite knowledgeable, and very outgoing.

I believe that the spine is the primary area the you want to be in "proper alignment", as it was intended to be. All other parts of your body can be affected by the condition of your spine.

I can stay very active, without pain as long as I stay on my regular maintenance program, which for me is every 2 weeks. This is my choice to go every two weeks and not wait until something serious developes again.

Margaret A.

I have been receiving chiropractic maintenance care for a few years now. I find that it is very helpful in maintaining my mobility. I train and ride horses daily so I am subjected to some bumps and jolts on my spine and muscles. With regular care I am able to enjoy greater comfort in movement.

Abel R.

At age 68, I have had back and neck problems for 48 years. I even had low back surgery 20 years ago. Other than that one episode chiropractic care has always give me relief and allowed me to bounce back.

After trying chiropractic,I found it to give me the best results when I have body pains. The results were not the same when I was given pain medications, although they did help some. The overall response was not as well under medical care compared to chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care gets me going again, all the time. I work out at the gym 5 days a week and led a very active life. I doubt I would be able to do this without regular chiropractic care.

My advice to others, try it, you will like it. Many people don't want to try it because they think it hurts.

Bill T.

Back problems had been with me a long time. I had issues with both my neck and lower back. I was told I had severe degenerative arthritis, scoliosis, and disc problems. Nothing but chiropractic care ever provided me with lasting relief. With other health conditions (diabetes, heart bypass surgery, and high blood pressure), I didn't want to add more drugs to my daily routine. And that was the only alternative that my medical doctor provided me with before I consulted with a Chiropractor.

The results have changed my life, I would describe them as very good. As a senior citizen, I am able to be more active and have a restful night's sleep.

My advice to others is to try it!

Dianne H.

I had a major pain in the neck. The pain seemed like it was there forever, but in reality only 3 days.

I thought it would go away by itself. The people at work told me to go to Dr. Craven. Boy, am I glad I did.

Well, the pain in the neck is gone. The "Doc" took care of my nasty migraines. I am on the road to recovery thanks to Dr. Craven and the girls.

I am the worlds's biggest baby when it comes to going to the doctors office but I like coming here. The girls are great and do not treat you like "just another patient". They treat you like a close friend. Dr. Craven is the best. Try it you'll like it and feel like a totally different person. I can't put into words how great he is. Now I come into the office smiling. So don't be afraid. Just do it, you"ll thank me and them later.

Rebecca W.

I had lower left back pain and was unable to sleep at night and was getting to the point I could not walk. I also suffered from headaches for about 6 months.

A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Craven.

After putting this off for so long the back pain and headaches are now relieved. I found out I did not have to live with the pain and could not live life without chiropractic treatment.

Everyone needs a chiropractor.

Nancy S.

I had low back pain radiating down my left leg. I was not able to sit for more than 30 minutes without experiencing excruciating pain.

My primary care physician prescribed anti-inflammatory meds, which did not help the problem. Then I was sent on to physical therapy but I was still in pain after that.

After a few weeks of chiropractic adjustments and therapy my pain was relieved and I was able to sit without pain radiating down my leg. I also got relief from my allergies and congested sinus after the adjustments.

I have had great results. Try it, you may too!

Ron S.

I had lower back and right hip pain for over a year. The orthopedic doctor recommended surgery.

Chiropractic care gave me 100% relief and comfort. It kept me from missing any time from work and prevented me from having surgery on the hip.

Try it, you'll like it. The entire staff is friendly and genuine. They are concerned about your health and comfort.

Paul G.

I had lower back, middle back, upper back, neck, and shoulder pain. My regular physician was giving me medication, which did not help. A friend in N.Y. recommended for me to try chiropractic.

Dr. Craven relieved my pain tremendously. It has relieved the stressful feelings I was having.

For back pain or neck pain, I found medications did not help me nearly as much as chiropractic has.

John C.

My problem was consistent neck pain, headaches, TMJ dysfunction and occasional numbness in the left arm and hand. I had suffered from these for several years.

I made constant trips to the primary physician, several visits to an E.N.T., had a CT scan, had an arthritis profile done and and took several different anti-inflammatory medications. Nobody had any answers and nothing seemed to work.

I finally tried chiropractic. I gained more movement in my neck, have almost no headaches, reduced symptoms of TMJ dysfunction, and I sleep better.

My advice is to combine chiropractic with healthier habits, it works for me.

Tom M.

For quite some time I had pain in the mid and lower back. Several members of my family had been to Dr. Craven so I knew exactly where to go. I called for an appointment and Dr. Craven saw me immediately.

Chiropractic treatment allowed me to function regularly at my job and I was pain free in a matter of days.

Do not let the "old myths" about chiropractic care keep you from experiencing the freedom it can give you from pain.

Mary D.

My problem was back and hip pain.

Dr. Craven has done well by me. He is the only one I would trust with my back problems.

Take my advice, at the first sign of pain seek chiropractic care. I am living proof of this.

Don H.

I suffered for two months with "drop to the floor" lower back pain. I went to my Primary Care Physician and was given progressively stronger pain meds and told I had to live with it.

After my first visit with Doc Craven I felt immediate relief. After my third visit I was completely pain free.

Don't wait as long as I did to get some relief! Although I was initially skeptical of Chiropractic Care, Doc Craven (and my wife) have made a believer out of me.